I'm Micah Yong

an LA-born, computer science student at the University of California, Berkeley.

And these are some
of my projects

On this site, you will find a select collection of my work which showcases a broad spectrum of my abilities.
From iOS development to React applications, custom TensorFlow ML models to applied algorithms, #justforfun to #letsdosomethingcrazy, my main aim is to solve interesting and impactful problems with great people.


Fitness training program
using OpenPose

The motive behind this product was to create a fitness application designed for people who struggle with musculoskeletal disorders. I wanted a fitness app entirely different from the ones that already exist on mobile devices. Won 'Most Innovative' in Berkeley's iOS Course. Available on iOS. Featured on Google's Case Studies for Higher Education.


Gauge student mastery
in large classrooms

Engage redefines large-classroom learning by enabling professors to gauge student understanding in large classrooms and students to anonymously communicate their feelings on class content. Uses Firebase, Charts, and Nearby. This is the first group project I've worked on with extensive backend functionality and cross-platform capability. Available on iOS and Android.


Custom outfit recommender based on the weather.

WeatherML is a React web application that fetches weather data from OpenWeatherMap's API and suggests an outfit to users based on those features. I wanted to build an app that just told me what to wear in the morning with the click of a button. WeatherML accomplishes this using a custom ML model built using Brain.js.


Mobile/web application designed to make Greek life more safe and accessible

PartyTime is a web application concept that allows university students to find fraternity parties in their area in a safe and accessible way. Made @ CalHacks 5.0 with a team of 4 using Figma, React, SQL, and Python.

Resume Boys

A volunteer-based resume service for high schoolers

In high school, some of my friends and I started a non-profit organization in order to help fellow high schoolers find summer internships/research positions by making them professional-looking resumes. There was a much larger demand for them than anticipated and it still lives on today!